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Understanding the Process of Plastic Pelletizing

It is important to continue to look for ways to reduce waste and recycling materials that are used in our manufacturing processes. One of the best ways to repurpose plastic waste is through the process of plastic pelletizing. A process that continues to grow in popularity, plastic pelletizing provides a variety of benefits to manufacturing plants around the world.

So, what is plastic pelletizing? Plastic pelletizing is the process of converting scrap plastic back into a usable clean raw material. Plastic manufacturing companies can then re-use these pelletized plastics in a wide variety of applications, creating a closed-loop recycling process. There are many benefits to establishing a plastic pelletizing recycling system for your business.

Plastic pelletizing is one the best ways to reuse and repurpose plastic scraps that are produced in high quality from manufacturing plants. By working with a plastic pelletizing company, plastics manufacturers can not only reduce their raw material costs but also improve their green initiatives.

In this post, we will discuss the process of plastic pelletizing as well as a few of the many benefits of this recycling process.

Plastic Pelletizing Explained

Plastic PelletizingThe process of pelletizing plastics continues to grow in popularity as plastics manufacturers realize the many benefits this system provides. Plastic scrap recycling companies accomplish plastic pelletizing by utilizing both single and twin screw extrusion technologies.

After collecting and refining the plastic waste, plastic scrap recycling companies create plastic pellets for use in a variety of applications. Most companies, such as Accel Polymers, offer both small and large batch pelletizing as well as toll pelletizing to your specifications.

Companies like Accel Polymers, based in St. Louis, offer a full range of plastic pelletizing services. Their services include pelletizing most engineering and commodity grade thermoplastics. As an environmentally friendly company, Accel Polymers specializes in recycling and pelletizing plastics used in both automotive and consumer applications.

Accel Polymers backs up their plastic pelletizing with years of research and development in addition to lab testing. They have conducted the following tests in regards to plastic pelletizing: DSC, FT-IR, Melt Flow, Tensile, Flexural, Notched Izod, ASH Content, Density/Specific Gravity, Gardner Impact, and Durometer.

Benefits of Plastic Pelletizing

There are many benefits to plastic pelletizing. Perhaps the greatest benefit of plastic pelletizing is that it greatly reduces the waste otherwise produced by plastic manufacturing plants. This plastic scrap material would likely end up at the dump, with no hope of re-use. 

By recycling plastic waste through the process of plastic pelletizing, companies can improve their green initiatives as well as the world in which we live. However, one of the most impressive benefits of recycling through plastic pelletizing is the reduction of raw material costs.

Plastic scrap recycling companies purchase scrap materials from manufacturers, offsetting their raw material costs from the start. However, many plastic pelletizing companies also sell their recycling materials at a significant discount! By purchasing pelletized plastics from a plastic scrap recycling company, manufacturers can attain high-quality materials at a fraction of the cost.

This process is known as a closed-loop recycling process and is highly beneficial for all parties involved! You can learn more about the many benefits of recycling for business here.

Find a Plastic Pelletizing Company Near You

If you are looking to partner with a plastic pelletizing company, you must work with only the best. Plastic scrap recycling companies like Accel Polymers offer high-quality plastic pelletizing services. Accel Polymers is backed by years of in-house research and development. This company has implemented the most effective plastic pelletizing process on the market.

The process Accel Polymers uses in their plastic pelletizing department returns the full value of the recycled materials to the manufacturer. Their products are ideal for re-use in high-end applications for the automotive and consumer markets.

Although they are based in St. Louis, Accel Polymers offers its plastic pelletizing services to plants and businesses across North America. With their help, your business can quickly and easily implement a plastic pelletizing recycling solution that meets your needs.

Are you ready to learn even more about how plastic pelletizing and a closed-loop recycling system can benefit your business? Contact the Accel Polymers team for more information or to receive your custom plastic pelletizing quote. 

Now is the perfect time to consider important changes that will benefit both your company as well as the world in which we live. Accel Polymers has the ability to offer both small and large bath palletizing. Their team of experts is ready to help you achieve the recycling solution for which you have been searching!