Chicago Acrylic Scrap

Recycle Your Acrylic Scrap in Chicago


Accel Polymers is a company that is proud of what we do and the services that we offer. With over 30 years of working directly with plastic manufacturers, we have the experience needed to provide customers all over the country with the services they need.

The services we offer vary, but all are excellent and offer proper disposal and recycling of several plastics. This even includes the recycling of Chicago acrylic scrap! We can even buy your scrap with you, including virgin, repro, regrind, scrap, chunks, film, and parts.

We offer top dollar for these scraps, making us accell among other plastic recyclers and allowing us to serve our customers with respect and ease.

If you are a company looking to efficiently recycle your acrylic scrap in the Chicago area, then look no further than Accel Polymers!

Chicago Acrylic Scrap

Why Recycle Your Acrylic Scrap in Chicago


By recycling your acrylic scrap with Accel Polymers, you will receive several perks and benefits. First, by recycling your scrap with us, you are building a partnership of sustainable social and environmental responsibility by properly discarding your acrylic scrap with a company that you can trust. You will also receive the benefit of us tracking and reporting your business’s recycling achievements for the promotion of your business, both internally and externally.

During the process of recycling, we can also offer additional services that will help you eliminate potential disposal costs, reduce any bulk storage, and create a business process that seamlessly integrates with your own. Most importantly, you will also contribute to a more green business plan with us by developing company-wide green initiatives and providing cost-effective feedstock that is both cost-effective and contamination-free. This allows our products to be reused and go back into our customers’ products, keeping the recycled material out of landfills. 


The Best Company to Recycle Your Chicago Acrylic Scrap 


With several locations around the United States and the capacity to recycle millions of pounds of materials each year, Accel Polymers is a company to trust when it comes to recycling. When utilizing our recycling services, there are several different ways we can treat your acrylic scrap waste. These include grinding, shredding, washing, metal removal, and pelletizing. Each of these services is offered so that we can better suit our customer’s needs and offer them the recycling services they are looking for. These different services allow materials like acrylic scrap to be recycled in efficient ways all around the country, including in Chicago. When looking for a company to recycle your acrylic scrap with, consider Accel Polymers. Our experience in the industry, knowledge of recycling, and variety of services allow us to stand out among the rest and offer you the best acrylic scrap recycling in the Chicago area!