Pelletizing Page

Accel offers a full range of services including pelletizing most engineering and commodity grade thermoplastics. We are an environmentally friendly company specializing in recycling plastics used in automotive and consumer applications. Backed by in house R&D expertise we have implemented the most effective and seamless process available in the marketplace for turning scrap plastic back into a usable clean raw material for OEM’s.

Accel’s process returns the full value of these materials to the manufacturer for re-use in high-end applications with significant cost reduction. Let our experts work with you to create a closed loop recycling process that will positively impact your margin and save the environment at the same time. We offer the following, call us today.

  • Process most Engineering and all olefin grades
  • Single and twin screw extrusion technology
  • Small to large lot batch process
  • Toll Pelletizing (All Locations)

Lab Testing – DSC, FT-IR, Melt Flow, Tensile, Flexural, Notched Izod, ASH Content, Density/Specific Gravity, Gardner Impact and Durometer