About Us

Accel Polymers is a full service plastics recycler. We specialize in the development of unique recycling processes, providing financially lucrative and environmentally beneficial alternatives to our customers. Certified product destruction and recycling services that positively impact your raw material cost and carbon footprint is our specialty. We are experts in converting your waste stream into a clean renewable feedstock reducing raw material cost and maximizing your profitability.

  • Pelletizing


    Accel Polymers provides the most cost effective and seamless process available in the marketplace for turning scrap plastic back into a sustainable raw material for our customers. With almost 100 years combined experience allow our team to customize a unique raw material recycling solution for you today.

  • Shredding/Grinding


    We are experts in grinding and size reduction. We handle certified destruction of large volume plastic scrap and molded parts. We offer toll grinding and we buy material in scrap form for our own internal utilization.

  • Densifying


    Materials that are light a bulky with lower specific Gravity are more difficult for manufactures to handle and reintroduce. With our proprietary processes we can covert films and lighter materials to a granulated easy to feed and process form. We ae also buyers of PP and PE films and fabrics for our own utilization.

  • Recycle your Scrap

    Recycle your Scrap

    Accel is a full service recycling company. Allow us to provide consulting expertise and solutions that will promote your businesses “Green” initiatives. We will also purchase almost any type of material in any presentation. Contact a representative today to discuss pricing.